NOAA-19 – Fri, March 2012, 14:09

WX images from this afternoons first pass of NOAA-19. First is the "pristine" image, which is basically unprocessed and close to data received from the satellite. The second image is a processed version of the "pristine" image. With another processed image showing, sea surface temperatures. I was able to track the spacecraft basically from horizon… Continue reading NOAA-19 – Fri, March 2012, 14:09


WX image update

Our APT satellite weather picture capability has matured quite a but in the last week or two. At the moment I am still busy fine tuning the receiver we got in kit form from┬áMiroslav Gola. The results using the kit receiver from┬áMiroslav is quite a bit better than using my handheld radio. Another change I… Continue reading WX image update