A SwissCube not made of chocolate

Another CubeSat I have been tracking from our ground station at F'SATI is the first Swiss satellite┬ácalled SwissCube. This CubeSat has been doing its thing for almost two years and appears to still be doing well. It has a CW - or morse code - beacon transmitting at a frequency of approximately 437.505 MHz, a… Continue reading A SwissCube not made of chocolate


Hope Oscar 68 (XW-1)

I have yet to hear from Delfi-C3 again, but in the mean time below is some CW telemetry data from HO-68 decoded with MixW on Friday (10 June 2011). According to one of the Delfi-C3 team members the CubeSat's transmitter drops out intermittently and functionality is only restored once the spacecraft goes through eclipse and… Continue reading Hope Oscar 68 (XW-1)