NOAA-19 – Fri, March 2012, 14:09

WX images from this afternoons first pass of NOAA-19. First is the “pristine” image, which is basically unprocessed and close to data received from the satellite.



The second image is a processed version of the “pristine” image.



With another processed image showing, sea surface temperatures.



I was able to track the spacecraft basically from horizon to horizon with little terrestrial interference on this pass.


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About leon

Young satellite engineer in training and ground station constructor – most recently flight software writer, rider of bicycles, life long student and I am on GoogleStreetView.

One response to “NOAA-19 – Fri, March 2012, 14:09”

  1. L. says :

    Would you be able to post your images on a website daily? I’m collecting links to sites where WxtoImg images are posted. Please see my page at Email me please to let me know what you think. Tnx!

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