A proper weather satellite receiver

One of my colleagues ordered a dedicated weather satellite receiver for us, the only thing left to do was construct the kit. The kit comes from Miroslav Gola and still required some construction (you can apparently buy the kit fully assembled, but where is the fun in that?).



And so construction started. The PCB is pretty well made and no components were missing so construction turned out to be pretty straight forward. What I have found with some of the amateur radio kits is that the documentation can sometimes be a bit confusing.



Construction took a few hours, mostly after work. With the finished product looking a little something like this:



And so testing and tuning could begin. I have be honest, being fairly excited with my handy work, initial testing was pretty “informal”. Basically hooking power and a speaker up and seeing what happens. 🙂 No smoke, just kidding, now tuning could begin in all earnest.

testing emgo_receiver

testing emgo_receiver

So, with a plethora of test equipment I set off, with the help of a friend. On hand was a oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and signal generator, last two with DC blocks installed. With the circuit tuned all that is left to do is some real world testing.


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