Clouds from above – a NOAA story

Below is the latest in what seems like a long line of weather photos. This was retrieved just after lunch time today from NOAA-19. I think it’s one of the nicest APT weather photos I have gotten from a NOAA satellite so far with my Kenwood handheld radio as receiver and using our M2CP22 yagi from M². It was a pretty good pass with the spacecraft reaching a maximum elevation of 74 degrees and not much interference on the downlink frequency. These clouds have brought us quite a bit rain over the last two days.

The picture below is what the direct output looks like from the WXSat software. It should be interesting to compare this image to the ones we are able to retrieve once we get our proper APT receiver. Below that is cropped and touched up version.

noaa19-20110616 original from WXSat

noaa19-20110616 original from WXSat

The figure above contains two images from the satellite taken at two different wavelengths. The one is visible light with the other infrared. These can be combined to get a false colour image. I have not received a good enough image from the satellite to be able to combine the two images and get a nice combined false colour image.

noaa19-20110616 Cropped

noaa19-20110616 Cropped


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