Some fuzzy pictures

So, while waiting for Delfi-C3 to make an appearance again I thought I’d see if we could get some pictures from one of the NOAA weather satellites. Unfortunately our ICOM IC-910H cannot receive the +- 137 MHz signal from the APT transmitter on the satellite.

Using our ground station VHF antenna connected to my little handheld Kenwood TH-F7 and SatPC32 to track the satellites I was ready see if I could receive anything. The TH-F7 was connected to a USB soundcard and I used WXSat software on the PC to decode the APT.

The two pictures below was received from NOAA-18 and NOAA-19. Hopefully the pictures will get a bit better with time, but I still think the results are pretty good taking into account I was just playing around and did not do much reading and research before hand :).

I also had some issues with interference, where you would hear people talking intermittently in between the APT signal from the satellite – not ideal.






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Building small-satellites on the tip of Africa. My other ride is a CubeSat.

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